Running Gear Review

Energy – actually the lack of it was a turning point in my life. The moment I realised that in order to better myself, I need more energy, was the moment when all the changes started to happen.
Have you been there? At a point in your life where it all became so obvious. When you realised, that changing one thing, can lead to much greater changes? If yes, then you understand where I am coming from.

This one decision led me to running. running gear reviewRunning has been a part of my daily life ever since. It has become my passion. An activity which was meant to give me more energy, has actually given me a purpose. I have started my www.HelpGetFit.com in order to share my experiences of running, physical fitness, ideas about nutrition and motivation, with others. To help you get fit. With today’s abundance of information, it is often difficult to sift out what is best for us. I am determined to find the best solutions from leaders in their fields and deliver all this information in one place and in a simple form.

Having written several shoe reviews on www.HelpGetFit.com, I realised that I need another outlet for this information. It is useful, but I do not want HelpGetFit to turn into a review page. Hence, the idea was born to start www.RunningGearReview.com. A page where not only I will post reviews, but where other runners can share their experiences of products as well. I am happy to create links to your sites and blogs, so that RunningGearReview can become a one stop shop for all runners to visit when looking for running gear. The goal is not to promote any items, it is to give an independent review of a product, like a running shoe, by those who use it.

I welcome all of your ideas and invite those who want to post your reviews to contact me. If you want to receive more information on how you can post your reviews on RunningGearReview, please click here.

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